Syed Anas Pasha

Syed Anas Pasha

EDM in British Parliament over failed coup in BD

Syed Anas Pasha, London Correspondent
LONDON: An Early Day Motion (EDM) titled ‘Bangladesh, democracy and the rule of law’ was tabled in the British Parliament over the recent failed army coup in Bangladesh.

Liberal Democratic Party MP John Hemming placed the EDM before the parliament to reinforce the British government to be active about the failed coup in Bangladesh to toppling the democratic government and keeping continue the democracy and rule of law.

Libdem Party MP of West Cornwall Andrew George also supported the EDM in the parliament.

The motion criticized the army coup in Bangladesh and said the British government has to take necessary step to protect the democracy in Bangladesh.

If the fixed number of MPs signed in the EDM, a discussion on keeping up democracy and rule of law in Bangladesh will be held in the Full House of the parliament and the government will explain their position on the issue.

UK Awami League, Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee and different organizations, which believe in the spirit of liberation war, started lobbying to collect the support of British MPs on the EDM.

AL president of UK unit Sultan Sharif, general secretary Syed Faruque and vice president of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee Harmuz Ali and executive member Anser Ahmed Ullah are leading the campaign.

Syed Faruque told banglanews that AL branches of different cities in Britain were requested to collect the signature of their local MPs on the EDM.

Locals AL leaders also sat in meeting with some MPs.

Harmuz Ali told banglanews that many British politicians expressed despair over the recent failed Army coup in Bangladesh aimed to topple the democratic government.

He further said such conspiracy against democracy is not only harmful for a country, it also fall negative impact on the inter-relationship of the countries.

So, no country supports such activities, which hinder democratic rule.

BDST: 2045 HRS, FEB 11, 2012


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