Syed Anas Pasha

Syed Anas Pasha

UK BNP to stage demo in front of Cameron`s office

Syed Anas Pasha, London Correspondent
LONDON: The UK chapter of BNP is likely to stage a demonstration in front of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office in order to express their solidarity with BNP’s March 12 grand rally.

UK-unit BNP urged party’s leaders and activists to gather in front of the central Shaheed Minar in Aftab Ali Park of East London at about 12pm on Monday.

Confirming the matter, UK-unit BNP’s general secretary barrister MA Salam  told banglanews, “Invitations have already sent to party’s leaders and activists in this regard.”

He said, “We are going to place a memorandum to the British PM in order to revive democracy in country.”

BDST: 0910 HRS, MAR 12, 2012


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