Syed Anas Pasha

Syed Anas Pasha

Tarrique outlines election manifesto Nat’l polls under CG a must

Syed Anas pasha, London Correspondent
LONDON: Senior vice-chairman of BNP Tarrique Rahaman asserted that the next national elections of Bangladesh must be held under caretaker government (CG).

He made this comment on last Wednesday in an Iftar Mahfil organized by UK BNP held at Goumen hotel de towers. In the pre-Iftar speech Tarrique Rahman placed the possible manifesto of BNP in the veil of his own thinking to the workers and to the journalists.

Tarrique Rahman said election is not the main issue in Bangladesh now rather the reintroduction of care taker system is the main issue. For future prosperous Bangladesh this system must be brought back. The fate of the party which is people oriented, a party which has respect for democracy and development and which believes in the politics of production is depending on care taker issue leading to whether they will go to power or not.

BNP’s UK unit secretary Kaiser Ahmed conducted the pre-Iftar discussion chaired by UK chapter president Saista Chowdhury Kuddus.

Manifesto of the next election:

It was a much talked Iftal mahfil of BNP in the London community for the last 2/3 days. The UK BNP leaders were giving impressions among the workers that Tarrique would deliver important political guide lines in this congregations arranged at this five star hotel in London.

Tarrique placed his future thinking about Bangladesh to the leaders and workers. According to the journalists present in the mahfil, Tarrique has unveiled the election manifesto of BNP in the guise of his own thinking.
No criticism of the political opponents:

The BNP workers and also the journalists expected that as like Bangladeshi politicians Tarrique will open his basket of criticism against his political opponents but on this point he kept his mum in his speech.

The 45 minuite speech only contained his planning about future Bangladesh. Placing his dream to the workers he asked them whether these are possible for implementation who in reply supported in a single voice and chorused that it is possible under the leadership of Tarrique.

Tarrique said that we will build such a Bangladesh that will go along side the modern world. He said that we are to fix our goal otherwise be wildered and will not help us. We don’t want to look behind rather we want to look forward.

If we limit ourselves with the usual practice of old ideas we cannot reach our destination.  If you want to survive by competing with the opposition you are to fix your strategy of production and development.

Why Bangladesh cannot do:

Tarrique placing his ideas about agriculture, education, tourism, power and garments said that if other countries of the world can do it why not we?

He disclosed that the agriculture sector can be made export oriented industry by increasing subsidy. He referred to some super shops of Britain where they sell agri-products in their grocery shops.

He suggested to build a single export oriented platform with the agriculture and poultry industry. Giving on this agri-poultrty industry he said Bangladesh can fetch 5 billion dollars in next five years from its present export volume 1.5 billion dollar in this sector.

Separate Ministry for garments sector:
He mentioned that garments is one of the principal foreign currency earner sector which has also employed a vast manpower of the country. If we can modernize this industry befitting the need of the time we will be able to earn 45 billion dollars in five years from present 22 billion dollars. In this connection he laid stress on setting up a separate ministry.

Development of skill in learning multi-language:

The future key-leader of BNP also put stress on learning various languages so that we can be employed for job in any country of the world beside mastery over English.

He also gave stress on the development of technical education for removing the curse of unemployment.

Tarrique gave emphasis on planned housing because there is no alternative to it for accommodating 15 crore people in tiny land of Bangladesh.

He also underscored the need for introduction of solar system along with present endeavors to increase the power problem.

Tarrique placed forward the idea of development of tourism in the country within or around the biggest mangrove of the world the Sundarbans. He suggested that we can build Safary park there by developing the canals within the ‘bans’. We can give more attention to Cox’s bazar and make it pleasant place to attract the foreign tourist in large numbers that would help us earning foreign currency.

Government patronization in individual entrepreneurship needed:

Tarrique said that government should patronize the small machineries factory set up at Dhoile khal, Bogra and Syedpur under individual entrepreneurship because in that case these would flourish helping Bangladesh economy.

There is a strong  scope of growing agriculture, automobile, construction and ship building industry in Bangladesh and Tarrique added that there is international market of agriculture machineries is 125 billion dollar. If China can export agriculture machineries worth 12 billion dollar can’t we be the part of 1 percent of this agri machineries export of total 125 billion dollar.

We need another submarine cable:

Tarrique said that our youths are very much skill in data processing, call center, soft ware development and they are no less than the foreign youths. We want to earn more forex by employing their skill in this sector. However for all these performing we need high speed internet that can be attained by installing another submarine cable, he said.

Tarrique also laid importance of building water reservoir by re-excavating derelict ponds, canals and rivers for use of irrigation and psciculture. Monsoon water can be stored from these reservoirs for irrigation in the dry season, the canal digging program implemented by late president Ziur Rahman.

Tarrique’s long speech was heard by the leaders and workers with rapt attention as if they are hearing sermon from the priest or as students listening to teacher in the class room.


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