Syed Anas Pasha

Syed Anas Pasha

Tulip’s ‘No’ to Dynasty Politics

Syed Anas Pasha, London Correspondent
LONDON: Bangabandhu’s granddaughter Tulip Siddiq on Thursday categorically said she joined British politics as she does not believe in dynasty politics.

She came up with the assertion at a press conference in London after she had been nominated on last Sunday as the Labour Party candidate to contest from the Hamstead and Kilburn constituency for the election scheduled to be held in 2015.

When she was asked that why she had decided to join British politics rather being the granddaughter of the founder of Bangladesh -Bangabandhu as well as the niece of the present prime minister of the country –she replied that in that case you would have told that I have come to politics as the blessings of dynasty.

As I do not like politics of dynasty I have joined British politics, she said.

The press meet held at the Fire and Spice restaurant her mother Sheikh Rehana was also present there.

If she is elected British MP, she would make development in accommodation, treatment and education fields of the local people.

She sought the cooperation and blessings of the community and said, “I am a British as well as a Muslim. Bangladesh is my motherland but I did not have the opportunity to see my grandfather Bangabandhu.”

I have observed my Aunt Skeikh Hasina’s struggle for democracy from my childhood that helped grow interest about politics in me.

Mentioning Rushunara Ali, the first Bengali Mp of British parliament as her role model she said that Rushunara’s political commitment has inspired me in politics.

During election campaigning for Rushunara Ali she came in direct contact of former British prime minister Gordon Brown and many senior leaders of Labour party including present opposition leader Ad Miliband which also inspired me to join politics.

She expects that Ad Miliband will be the next prime minister of Britain under whose leadership Britain will be able to overcome all crises including economic problem.

She also assured the press men that in that case the service sectors of Britain will be more easy accessible and cheap to the people.

She said that I have been brought up here since my childhood and now I live with my husband here. I have got a moral responsibility to perform for the people of this area.

When one drew her attention to set up a mosque in this area as there is none she replied that I will not mix up the mosque issue with my politics rather I will set up a mosque of my own whether I get elected or not.

She expressed her gratitude to Bangladeshi people when she was informed that the people of Bangladesh have become happy after she got the nomination. She sought the all out blessings of the motherland for her future well -being.

Shaikh Rehana refused to tell anything after the formal briefing was over and said that today is Tulip’s day. However she said that I am grateful to Almighty Allah because I came to this area after I lost my parents and other members of my family in 1975 August.

In an emotion choked voice she (Rehana) said that I have travelled for long time in this area for a job for my survival. I was married to Tulip’s father in this area. My children were also born here. So it is great for me that Tulip will seek election from that area.

Rehana said that it is no matter whether Tulip gets elected or not rather it is a great opportunity for Tulip to serve the people of that area.

After Rehana’s speech local Labour party leader and businessman Parvez Ahmed made a short speech.

It is to be mentioned here that Tulip will contest with the nomination of Labour Party to contest from Hamstead and Kilburn constituency for the polls to be held in 2015.

The Labour Party members of the constituency elected her through ballot as their candidate.

To get the nomination she had to fight with more two aspirants—they are Sofi Linden, deputy mayor councilor of Hackney Barar and Camden Barar councilor Celly Gimjon. Tulip herself is a councilor of Regents park ward. She also worked as the press officer of Labor Party.

She was elected as the first Bengali female councilor of Camden Barar in 2010. Being the daughter of Shaikh Rehana and Dr.Shafik Siddiky though she was born in London Tulip passed her childhood in seven countries. She studied in University college of London and took her Masters degree in English literature. She did her second Masters degree in politics, policy and government.

Recently she was married to British citizen Chris Percy. Her post marriage function was attended by her aunt prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

BDST:  1150 HRS, JUL 20  ,2013


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